1. Single-sided printing. the free in text layout design, at least 30 copies, if less than 30, please notify and suspend production
  2. the content of the text must include: the name of the bride and groom, the names of the parents of both parents, the name and address of the hotel and the name of the telephone and banquet hall, the date of the banquet and the time of the banquet. if need choice font and word color . please inform (other special notes need to be written. the prices may change due to special notes ).
  3. after the order is received, the layout will be making and printed the next day after the order is placed. Within 21 working days of the order, (excluding holidays and national holidays), the reasons for the change of the date of use will not be accepted. cancel the order, if you need urgent items for 14 days, please note.
  4. the wreath style can't chooes for envelope color, because the outer is the envelope


NT$50.00 Regular Price
NT$47.50Sale Price
envelope color
internal text color
  • the content of the inside page of this item is customized. before ordering the product, please make sure that there is have any problem or no in the text. after the order is placed, you can't present the product with some color difference due to personal factors or display settings. request for return. No refunds are allowed. If cancelled, orders will be void and cannot be returned, transferred.


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